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  • Nairobi Internet Exchange

    Where networks and content meet.

Welcome to the Nairobi Internet Exchange Point (Nairobi-IX) – your gateway to a connected and thriving digital ecosystem in Kenya.
The internet exchange point is centrally located in Nairobi, with easy access for all network providers. We are dedicated to enhancing the internet infrastructure, promoting local connectivity, and fostering collaboration among network providers.

And the best news is: the service is 100% free ! There are no port fees and no cross-connect fees. 

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Facilitating efficient and cost-effective data exchange between different networks thus improving the speed, reliability, and overall quality of internet services.


Join Nairobi-IX

Connecting to Nairobi-IX is quick and straightforward. Submit your information, and we'll have you up and running within a few days.

Join Nairobi-IX


Join the Nairobi-IX community and contribute to the growth of peering in Kenya.

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Why Nairobi-IX?

Connect locally, grow globally with Nairobi IX – where networks converge for a connected future!

Reduced Latency

Experience lower latency by exchanging traffic locally, resulting in faster and more responsive internet services.

Increased Reliability

Diversify your network routes and increase overall network resilience by establishing direct connections at Nairobi-IX.

Cost Savings

Reduce transit costs associated with routing traffic through upstream providers by peering directly with other networks at Nairobi-IX.

Improved Performance

Enhance the performance of your network by directly connecting to other networks and content providers, reducing the need for traffic to traverse international links.

     Let's talk about your peering needs.

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